For people looking for interest-free investment instruments...

For those who search for interest-free investment instrument...

It allows you to increase the value of your savings with interest-free investment instruments. The fund is primarily invested in public and private sector lease certificates, as well as gravitating towards other interest-free products such as gold and real estate. The fund aims to protect your savings from the corrosive effect of inflation and yield return with entirely interest-free products.

You can invest in Ak Asset Management Lease Certificate Participation Fund at any amount you want no matter which bank customer you are.

  • You can buy and sell at any bank you want without a lower limit.
  • The Fund does not invest in an interest-based product.
1 / 7
  • 0.045280
  • %0.11940
  • %3.48
  • %22.87
  • %18.23
  • %41.45
  • %77.52
  • Trend
  • Price 0.045280
  • R. Term 6 Month
  • Buy Value Date
    T + 1
  • Sales Value Date
    T + 1
  • Day %0.11940
  • 1M %3.48
  • 6M %22.87
  • YTD %18.23
  • 1Y %41.45
  • 2Y %77.52
Invested Assets

Strateji EN

You can buy from all banks and intermediary institutions in Turkey.

R. Term
6 Month
Buy Value Date
T + 1
Sales Value Date
T + 1

How Can I Invest?

You can easily invest in funds traded on TEFAS from all banks.

You must be an Akbank Customer to invest in funds not traded on TEFAS and Capital Protected Funds. You can easily become an Akbank Customer without visiting a branch.

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Fund Identity

Fund Manager
Invested Assets
Strateji EN
Risk Value
1 / 7
R. Term 6

Medium Term (6months and more)

Fund Size 321.882.314,95 TL
Share Value 0.04528
Sales Value Date T + 1
Buy Value Date T + 1
Management Fee %2,1
Tax %7,5

45% BIST-KYD Public Lease Certificates Index + 45% BIST-KYD Private Sector Rent Certificates Index + 10% BIST-KYD 1-Month Profit Share TL Index

Asset Distribution

Current Fund Distribution Ratio

Fund Performance