We are Türkiye's most innovative asset management company!

Established in 2000 as a subsidiary of Akbank to provide asset management services to institutional and individual investors, Ak Asset Management currently manages TRY 634.9 billion in assets (CMB 28.06.2024 information). Ak Asset Management's main areas of activity are pension funds, investment funds and private asset management.

World's leading asset management company.

We are proud to be one of the 400 largest asset management companies in the world with our broad investment universe, pioneering investment themes in Türkiye, advanced private/corporate asset management services and leadership in pension funds. We continue to work with all our knowledge and experience to add new ones to our achievements and the services we offer for investors every day.

We serve our investors with the mission of Ak Asset Management, the Investment of the Future, the Future of Investment.

  • Türkiye's most innovative asset management company.
  • Experienced investment team.
  • Advanced decision-making mechanism.
  • Effective research organization.
Investment Funds
TRY billion Size
12.2 Market Share
Pension Funds
TRY billion Size
% 17.5
Market Share
Discretionary Portfolio Management
TRY billion Size

Our Achievements

We have been pioneering the sector and breaking new grounds since 2000.