General Information

  • To prepare the required strategy and action plans in order to reach the determined goals of managed portfolios.
  • To review medium-term strategy and action plans and to evaluate the results
  • To devise new strategies
  • To evaluate weekly economic and political developments
  • To create recommendations and investment strategies that will be forwarded to customers, in regard to the investment advisory provided under contract
  • To generate and follow the procedures of performance evaluation of mutual funds and portfolio managers

The Ak Asset Management Mutual Funds’ assets, in contrast to its founder and director’s assets are subsumed under the protection of the Settlement and Custody Bank, which is the official settlement and custody bank of the ISE. In addition, in respect of the Capital Market Board, the fund’s asset cannot be pledged, provided as a guarantee, or levied by third parties. That is, the protection of the fund’s asset is guaranteed by law.

The account and operations in regard to the founder, director and custodian of Ak Asset Management Mutual Funds are under the control of the CMB. Additionally, international and independent auditing is conducted by PwC.

Mutual Funds include a different kind of investment instruments such as treasury bonds, government bills, equity, and repo. Thus, the investor is protected from the risk arising from an investment instrument.

With Ak Asset Management, internationally accepted standards in the fields of risk and internal control are in effect. As the first portfolio management company to utilize risk management software, Ak Asset, the fund’s risks are monitored daily.

With the evaluations of limit and position (duration, concentration, liquidity limits, etc.), Stress Test and Sensitivity Analysis are systematically performed.

In addition, Value at Risk (VAR) is measured and followed by the risk management team. The compliance of the Funds with rules specified by Ak Asset Management, with the relevant legislation, and with the fund by law and prospectus is monitored by the Internal Control Unit and regularly reported to the respective parties.

In a Mutual Fund, the savings are evaluated according to the profile of large-scale investors. Thus, smaller savings benefit from the investment advantages of larger investors.

You may give trading instructions to A and B type mutual funds from the Akbank T.A.Ş branches within working hours or by using out of branch banking instruments (ATM, call center(444 2525) and Akbank Online Banking( 

You may give a buy order for our capital-protected funds during the period of the initial public offering.

According to Capital Markets Board regulations the forward pricing method is used in mutual funds except for the Ak Asset Management Money Market Fund.